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How To Start A Window Cleaning Business (The Right Way)

October 15, 2020

Starting a window cleaning business can be one of the most attractive ventures in the home service industry. Aside from being your own boss (which is crazy worth it alone), there isn't a lengthy training process, overhead costs are extremely low, high growth opportunity and income potential is huge - if you do it the right way.

If you're reading this, you've taken the most important step into starting a window cleaning business. Yes, we know, it can be both exciting and a little worrisome in the beginning. Venturing into something you may no very little about can be. But trust us, starting your very own window cleaning business is so worth it in the end.

This article will guide you through the steps involved in starting a business in the window cleaning industry.

With a window cleaning start up, the key steps are: What is required to perform the duties of a window cleaner, understand the costs of starting the business, gather materials and purchase insurance, and finally, window cleaning marketing to drive customers to your door.

Duties of a Window Cleaning Business?

Before venturing into this business, it’s imperative to understand what it’s all about. Basically, a window cleaner’s job is to clean windows, glass surfaces and doors of residential and commercial buildings. As a window cleaner, you can either work on ground level buildings or high rise buildings by using safety cradles. These services are very important to businesses and residential buildings where the residents cannot clean their windows due to various reasons.

Tips for Starting Window Cleaning Business

1. Get the Required Knowledge
The first and most important step to starting your own window cleaning business is to gather the basic knowledge of the job. Do you know how to wash? Do you know how to clean? Do you fear heights? All these are the things you must first ask yourself before venturing into the window cleaning business. You need to what the job entails and have a feel of the various challenges of the job. This is why it’s advisable that you first work under an already established window cleaning firm.

2. Understand the Costs of Starting the Business
Usually, a window cleaning business doesn’t need high start-up costs. However, it’s important to understand that it’s more than buying a few buckets and sponges, even if you are aiming at setting up a small business. Besides the cost of buying the required equipment, start-up costs also include training and insurance costs. You’ll also need to hire some equipment such as ladders, in the beginning, to keep your business running. Therefore, you need to your calculations well to determine the amount you need to start the business.

3. Gather Your Equipment
The traditional window cleaning kit contains items such as sponges, squeegees, blades and a scraper. However, if you have the capital, you should invest in modern equipment such as filtration kit and water fed pole. Other items you’ll need include ladders to reach high-rise buildings, tough stain removers for removing stubborn stains, and microfiber towels. These items are easily available in your local supermarkets or home improvement stores.


4. Invest in Proper Insurance
Window cleaning is a risky job. It involves climbing up tall buildings with a ladder. You are also washing glasses which are fragile meaning they can easily break during the cleaning and lead to injuries. So, you’ll need to buy proper insurance to cover you in case these accidents occur. Because window cleaning windows involve scaffolding and climbing ladders, you may have to increase your premium. An insurance agent or broker can help you lower your premiums.

5. Market Your Business
The last step is to market your business to potential clients. There are many ways of marketing such as through your social media and print media. For a start, social media such as Twitter and Facebook are the best as they are free and easy to reach many people. You can also use flyers, Yellow Pages, and Daily Mail to spread your word to your potential customers.

Don’t Know How to Start A Window Cleaning Business?
Don’t know how to start a window cleaning business? Putting the heights aside, the average window cleaner pay is surprisingly high when including the bonuses, commissions and fees. By simply providing the best service, and listening to your clients, you can make your window cleaning business successful and profitable.

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