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Squeegeezy partner pages (over 200 and counting) receive hundreds of visitors and leads (Calls and Forms) every single day from ranking on the 1st page of Google in over 100 locations. As a preferred window cleaner for Squeegeezy, you'll benefit in multiple ways from being placed directly on a preferred partner page in your area.

*If we don't have a partner page for your area, don't worry as this is how we've grown our partner program! We'll create one for your specific location and have it up immediately. With Squeegeezy's website authority, usually it will be ranking on the 1st page as soon as Google detects it. Just let us know when filling out the preferred partner form below.

Steps to Becoming a Preferred Partner

2. Read the Benefits
3. Read 'How it Works'
4. Fill Out the Inquiry Form

Benefits of Being a Preferred Partner

*If we don't already rank in the top 5 (over 100 locations currently) for your area when searching for "window cleaning CITY', that changes after bringing on a preferred partner. Once we bring on a preferred window cleaner for a specific area, our ranking efforts double to get that partner page to #1-#3 in Google- like we have dozens of times.

How it works?

After we join forces we have a streamlined process to make sure you're added to our partner page immediately. Below are parts of what you should expect.

1. Your Branding

Your logo and company info will be present and showcased in multiple areas throughout your partner page.

2. Custom Tracking Number

Customers calling any number on your partner page will be directly forwarded to your company phone number.

*Option to have your company number directly on the website.

3. Online Requests/Booking

Leads, booking requests go directly into your Servgrow account and you get notified immediately by email and text. Customers are automatically saved and in 1 click you can convert these leads/requests to job or estimates.

4. 5 Star Service & Customer Experience

Now, it's up to you to deliver on the service and the customer experience! Customers might not always remember the services, but they will 100% remember their experience with your company. Servgrow helps with this.

5. Maintain Life Long Customers

Leverage Servgrow to automatically follow up with customers via Email and SMS for maintaining those valuable and amazing relationships.

Costs Involved?

We want to make sure this is a win-win-win for everyone so we try and keep the costs extremely low. Tiers are based on the population of your area.

(All costs include a full subscription to Servgrow)

Ranking on the 1st Page of Google

If not already in the top 5 on Google, once we find a preferred partner for a particular area, we immediately put additional efforts into getting to the top 3. (Pages in this range usually move to the top 3 in the search results within a matter of weeks after we add a partner to a page.)

Tier 1 Location: $79/month
Tier 2 Location: $49/month
* All tiers include a Full Servgrow Subscription
No Location Page on Squeegeezy?
Just let us know on the form and we'll add a page for your location. In a matter of days, it will be ranking and generating leads from your area.

Ready to Join Forces?

Just fill out the preferred partner inquiry form below. After filling out the form, we'll get back to you with what tier you fall in. Then you can decide if you want to move forward. Now, let's grow your window cleaning business by getting your company great exposure online!

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