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Cleaning Aluminum Window Frames

August 11, 2020

Over time, your aluminum window frames will lose some of their shine. Moreover, oxidation on the windows results in a dull gray-brown cast and white spots.  Although the oxidation process prevents the aluminum from corroding further, it can be quite unsightly. Getting the window frames clean and sparkling once again requires thorough cleaning. You can clean frames using household products as well as commercial cleaners. Here are a few tips on cleaning aluminum window frames.

When it comes to aluminum window frames, it’s important to clean them differently than other types of window frames. Here are some cleaning methods to try cleaning with:

White Vinegar
1. Use a dry, nylon scrub brush to brush away any dirt and debris from the window.
2. Pour equal parts white vinegar and water into a bucket.
3. Dip the scrub brush into the water and vinegar solution and scrub the frames until the white, powdery spots from the oxidation disappear.
4. If the oxidation still remains, you can use a stainless-steel wire brush to brush the window frames.
5. Finally, rinse the window frame with water and use a rag to wipe the surface dry.

Citrus Cleaner
1. Start by brushing away dirt from the window frame using a nylon scrub brush.
2. Wet down the window frame with some water.
3. Apply a citrus cleaner to the brush.
4. Scrub the aluminum window frame until you can no longer see the oxidation.
5. Finally rinse off the fame with clean water and use a rag to dry it.

Commercial Aluminum Cleaner
1. Get rid of any dirt from the aluminum frame with a nylon scrub brush. Before using the cleaner, look at the safety instructions. Goggles or gloves may be advised.
2. Spray the commercial aluminum cleaner onto a piece of cloth or rag. Be sure to follow instructions on the label and avoid damage to your frame by testing it on a small area. Most cleaners should sit on the stain for some time before being wiped off.
3. Remove the corrosion from the frame by scrubbing the window frame with the cloth or rag.
4. Rinse off the window frame with clean water and dry it with a rag.

Polishing the Aluminum Frames
Once your frames are clean and spotless, it’s time to put a shine on the metal surface. All you’ll need is lots of water and fine steel wool- but keep in mind that the complete polishing process may be time consuming.

Bottom Line
Keeping aluminum clean and spotless may seem challenging, but with these tips on cleaning aluminum window frames, you can ensure they’re looking as good as new. Also, bear in mind that aluminum that’s been exposed to the elements for extended time periods will start to anodize (this is similar to rusting and means that the oxides will start to build up on your window frames surface, making them dull and harder to polish). Whether you suspect the aluminum on your window frame has begun to anodize, or are looking for routine window cleaning, our team here at Squeegeezy is ready to help you remove the oxide build-up.

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Cleaning Aluminum Window Frames

Over time, your aluminum window frames will lose some of their shine. Moreover, oxidation on the windows results in a dull gray-brown cast and white spots.

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