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How Much To Charge For Window Cleaning

September 15, 2020

Large, tall windows can open up a space and make a home feel spacious and lively. This is true until you have to clean them. Some homeowners have a hard time reaching every corner of their highly decorative or appealing windows, and need help making the windows look newly installed again. If you are looking into professionally washing windows, you should know how to get your service worth by knowing how much to charge for window cleaning.

When it comes to determining how much to charge for your window cleaning services, there are several factors involved. The amount of windows, your equipment, and any extras can all contribute to how much to charge your customers.

Price Per Pane
Generally a professional washer will charge their cleaning services by window pane at a rate of $2 to $7 per window pane. Those prices add up when you realize just how many windows and window panes there are in someone’s home. Some professional window cleaners have been known to charge differently based on whether both the inside and the outside of the windows are being cleaned.

Take Equipment Into Consideration
The dirtier the window the more time, energy and tools you will need to clean it properly and thoroughly. In the case that there are multiple stories, you will need a tall, sturdy ladder to help you reach those second story windows. Be aware that cleaning on the second level is very dangerous and may result in injury without the proper tools, ladder or assistance. You can definitely charge a little extra fee for having to clean the second story outer windows, due to the risks of falling off of the ladder breaking something. If you want, you can create service packages regarding prices for indoor or outdoor only cleaning services. This way people can continue with your service a la carte if they choose.

Charge for Extras
The previously mentioned price guidelines and suggestions are for the glass area only. You should and could charge extra for detailing such as tracks and window sills. You can also charge extra for window screens, because screens are hard to clean and aren’t included in many newly built homes. Some people charge anywhere from .50 cents per screen to $5 per window screen. Glass sliding doors should also be extra as there is more dirt to clean from these than still windows. You can charge as much as an extra $10 for a glass sliding door cleaning, especially if it comes along with a screen door too.

Mineral or mold removal should be a greater up charge for health and safety reasons. Because coming into contact with mold can be harmful for the person cleaning it, mold cleaning charges can range from anywhere between $20 to $50 according to most professional websites.Paint and stains are hard to remove and require some chemical or special tools. This type of removal can cost about $3 for a small window or $6 – $8 for larger windows.

In Conclusion
Not everyone likes to clean their windows, which is why you should know how much to charge for window cleaning. As a general rule for homeowners, cleaning the inside and outside of windows should be done twice a year, but factors such a weather, humidity and over all environment can change that to more or less frequent. If you are interested in window cleaning, our team here at Squeegeezy Window Washing is prepared to handle all your window cleaning needs.

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