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Surgical Towels For Window Cleaning

August 10, 2020

What Are Surgical Towels?
Surgical towels, also known as huck towels, are made from pure cotton fabric that’s favored for cleaning surgical instruments thanks to its durability. It’s not surprising that they’ve become increasingly popular with window washers, window cleaning companies, and car detailers because they’re absorbent and long-lasting and tend to hold up well even after multiple uses.

Basics and Benefits
Huck towels are made of cotton and are generally lint-free, making them useful for cleaning windows and perfect for just about any task. The style and weave may vary from one to another but they’re typically woven to be durable. The cotton absorbs water well and the towels come in a wide range of colors. A surgical towel will usually have one side with threads raised slightly above the surface and one smooth side. When purchasing surgical towels, make sure they’re 100% cotton and that the towels are new- used towels are not recommended. You also want to avoid blended fabrics as they don’t absorb well.

Window Cleaning with Surgical Towels
When using surgical towels to clean your windows, it’s crucial that you dedicate the towels solely to glass cleaning and that they’re washed separately of other towels. When washing the towels, avoid using powdered detergent or fabric softeners.

The trick is to wash them with liquid laundry detergent and they’ll stay clean and last a long time.Consider storing your surgical towels in labeled plastic containers or plastic bags to help you separate them from each other. Alternatively, you can purchase them in different colors for various uses around the house. For instance, blue towels can be used for window cleaning while white towels for drying dishes.

Yielding the best results when cleaning glass requires two towels – one for cleaning and the other for drying/buffing. You also want to make sure the towels don’t get bunched up in your hand. For the best results, make sure the towel is flat and that it contacts the glass evenly.

Huck towels are commonly sold in bulk for commercial, medical and institutional use. Some sellers require you to purchase dozens at a time but there are plenty of online sellers or specialty retailers who sell them in smaller quantities.

Bottom Line
Surgical towels are the king of towels when it comes to window cleaning. They do wonders on windows, leaving them clean and shiny with no streaks. They are not abrasive and don’t contain adhesives that you’d typically find in paper towels. To obtain the cleanest glass possible, invest in surgical towels for window cleaning.

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